What To Consider When You Want To Have A Dog In An Apartment?

Ideally, you should have a house with a spacious courtyard where your dog can run and play, but many people who live in apartments also want to have a dog. In the city, above all, almost everyone lives in an apartment. You must not deny the luxury of having a dog if you live in an apartment or plan to live in an apartment, but understand that there are certain rules to follow.

Before Acquiring the Dog, Choose the Right Dog Breed

Not all dogs can live in an apartment. A good rule to follow is to not purchase a large breed dog, and in many cases also medium, if you have a small apartment. Sure, there are exceptions and much depends on the size of the apartment and also on the size and temperament of the dog. There are huge dogs that just want to be lying on the couch and therefore do not require much space. However, even these dogs need to do activities and move into the house. Therefore, in an apartment, you can have a big dog. There are even small dogs who are energetic and need much space. Whatever it is, if you live or plan to live in an apartment, buy a small breed dog to avoid complications.


If you live at a higher floor, you might not have enough time to take the dog if he needs to go to the bathroom. This is not a problem if you already have a very polite dog who knows what he can chew and what not, but if you just get a puppy, your new and beautiful furniture could become a victims of an overactive machine that does not know when to stop. Consider whether you really need so expensive furniture if you wish to purchase a dog and think about having an apartment on the ground floor.

Going to the bathroom inside the house in a specific corner may seem like a good idea. If you think you do not have to take the dog out in cold winter, the bad news is that you have to take the dog anyway as a dog needs about three walks a day. Therefore, I always recommend to teach the dog to potty outside. You can do it using a dog cage. Although you may not feel the smell of a small yorkie, but larger dogs are very poor in this regard and may cause you to bath them more often than recommended times of bathing your dog. Therefore, it is vital to choose the right breed to avoid complications.